Mausoleums at Cherokee Memorial
Park & Funeral Home 

For the family that prefers above ground interment, we offer three mausoleums to choose from. Last Supper, Temple of Memories and Sierra View Mausoleums. Please take a tour here or stop by and walk the grounds or get a tour from one of our Cemetery Counselors.



sierra view Mausoleum

Surrounding the Chapel of Flowers, Sierra View Mausoleum is comprised of four wings branching out from the chapel. It’s two stories allow for a view of the cemetery and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range for which the mausoleum is named.


Temple of memories Mausoleum

Embraced by blooming dogwoods in the spring, Temple of Memories has been a lasting tribute to individuals for many years at Cherokee Memorial. Stop by for a visit today.


last supper mausoleum

Over looking the southern half ofve Cherokee Memorial, The Last Supper Mausoleum basks in the warmth of the afternoon sun and creates a setting of remembrance. Stop by to place a flower of to stroll the mausoleums.

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