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For centuries people around the world have chosen to preserve the cremated remains of their loved ones inside urns, which come in an amazing variety of forms. With interest in cremation at an all-time high, it's important to see how many options you have in urn design, materials and pricing.

Remember, you'll get the best price when you pre-plan the service and interment.


displaying at funeral or memorial service

Many people have a funeral, wake or other memorial ceremony after cremation. In this case, you will likely want the cremated remains to be present and will want to select a display-worthy urn.


Displaying in Mausoleum (glass-front niche)

If your loved one is to be memorialized in one of Cherokee Memorial Park's mausoleum glass-front niches, there are some requirements. Speak with one of our cemetery counselors before purchasing an urn. Call (209) 334-9613


Displaying at Home

Many families choose cremation as a means to keep a physical reminder of their loved one with them always. Urns designed for home display are available in an astonishing variety of sizes, styles and prices. At Cherokee Memorial Park & Funeral Home, our cemetery counselors or funeral directors can help you find the right home-memorialization option for your unique taste and budget. Be sure to ask about our latest cremation discount offers. Call (209) 334-9613


Mausoleum, Columbarium Wall or Ground Burial

If your interment preference is for a granite or marble-front niche in one of our mausoleum spaces, columbarium walls, or in one of our urn gardens, or, if you prefer a traditional ground burial – perhaps alongside a casket-buried spouse or family member – you may choose a non-display urn. From our beautiful Cascade Garden and Sierra View Mausoleum to our
Framed Memories niches and coveted locations in the Garden of Freedom, Garden of Tranquility and Garden of Angels niches, there is  a place at Cherokee Memorial Park for permanent
memorialization of your loved one – a place where future generations of your family and friends can pay their respects. Please view our Cremation Page and slideshow and ask us about our latest cremation-with-memorialization packages, which can save you hundreds of dollars over selecting services and an urn without help.

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